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by da creative studio

Hull is a city filled with people… and occasionally those people do things. Some of those things are kind of interesting. Some are pretty funny too. Others are actually quite impressive, and others… well, they’re just weird.

The thing is, we think every one of these stories deserves to be remembered. They are what makes Hull the city it is today.

The weird, the wonderful, the obscure, the fascinating and the factual all permeate every street and every community in the city, and now these anecdotes are celebrated through our Alternative Heritage plaques.

about the plaques

Originating in London in 1866, the famous blue plaque scheme has celebrated the links between notable figures of the past and the buildings they lived and worked in for years.

The English Heritage charity took over the scheme in the '80s; however, councils, civic societies and organisations facilitate many similar plaque projects.

Official English Heritage plaques can only be commissioned for a proposed recipient 20 years after their death, through strict criteria. But what about the living legends and stories that make our city special today? Here at Drunk Animal Creative Studio, we designed a series of our own plaques, fittingly titled 'Alternative Heritage'.

Our plaques celebrate our history, from Hull's charismatic folk to lore spread in playgrounds. Whether factual or fictitious, the contents of the plaques come straight from the heart of Hull.

most recent plaques

behind the scenes

We were keen for the city to wake up to a trail of blue surprises, so with an armful of bubble wrapped plaques and a drill in hand, we set about installing before dawn.

Within two weeks, we had mounted our first plaques in locations from East to West. Whether they have come to rest in historical locations, or busy community hubs, our plaques have now settled in their new homes celebrating legendary Hullians, fantastical events and unforgettable moments.

Where are the plaques located?

We’ve installed a number of Alternative Heritage plaques across the city of Hull. Use the interactive map below to find out where they’re located and click on the icons for further details about each plaque. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media for future updates!

there are currently 31 plaques

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